Monday, October 9, 2017

Daphne's Halloween Horror

Hi, all! It's been a while since I've been deep into "Blogland". Since my Mom passed away over a year ago, I've not really had my heart into doing any artwork or even publishing any of my stories. This goes for all five(5) of my blogs. At any rate, now that I've found a bit of time, I can almost get back to normal. Almost. Friends and trolls that used to follow me over at DeviantART, ken well that I get depressed around the hols. 2017 is no exception. But, those that remember this ken that I'm at my creative best (or worse, however you want to view it), when it comes to putting damsels in perilous sitches. Below is a revamped version of one of my Daphne Blake cosplay works from 2014. If anyone has a copy of the original, you'll note that this one is a bit...different. Upgraded strictly for the Halloween season, poor Daphne (in her shiny latex Batgirl costume), is still having trouble getting free. Only now, she's being goaded by Mr. Punk and his son, Punk Jr. There is no story behind this. One can assume anything they want to. So have fun and use your imagination.

This work is also a part of the "Hunter's Moon Halloween Festival", in progress over at VLADEN13's DA page. Go have a looksee, muwahahaha!

On a sadder note...I've decided to take down all but two of my blogs. My "Pixies in Peril" and "The Many Perils Daphne" blogs will be merging into my DPL blog (which, I've really been neglecting for far too long). All current posts on those two blogs will be moving over to the DPL, over the course of the next few months. When all is moved, I'll permanently delete those two blogs. I'm also deleting my "Clouded Imagination" blog, which I never really launched. Stuff I had intended for this blog will, eventually, end up on my "Abandoned" blog. 'Nuff said. Hope everyone has a safe, sane and happy Halloween. My special thanks go out to Vladen13; you're awesome!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Daphne Blake Imperiled Reporter Pt. 3 Sneak Peek

Above is my finished illustration for Pt.3 of my story "Daphne Blake: Imperiled Reporter", of which I'm still working on. I ken it's been a while since I posted Pt.2 but hopefully, I'll have Pt.3 completed by the end of June. Hopefully. But for now, you can just wonder how she gets out of her "hanging" predicament at the warehouse and onto a conveyor belt at a fish processing plant. Stay tuned...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hentai Daphne

I haven't posted anything here in a while. Real Life issues have been keeping me away. But, as busy as I've been, poor Daphne here is gonna be a helluva lot busier when the "Pit Monster" gets ahold of her...MUWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! The image here is cobbled together from three(3) separate drawings of mine. I've been getting better at this "copy/paste" thing. At any rate, given the amount of "cartoon porn" that seems to be flooding the 'net, it was only a matter of time before I did up my own (very lame) Hentai version of Daphne in "tentacle peril". The illustration below is for a "still-not-finished" short story I started back in 1995. Hell, I still don't even have a working title for it! Maybe, like the illo, I'll someday finish writing it. In the meantime...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Bad Night In The Museum

Here's a couple of older works I did up back in 2012, involving SDD and Velma getting trapped in a haunted museum (or so they were led to believe). Of course, the museum wasn't really haunted. The evil curator was using it as an art smuggling warehouse. When SDD stumbled upon the scene, she had Velma do some digging on her computer. Sure enough, Velma found (with a bit of hacking) two different sets of records for the museum. After making copies of the info to CDs, of which she sent one to the local police station, Velma joined SDD on a stake-out of the museum. Unfortunately, both girls were spotted by one of the curator's henchmen who alerted the other crooks (who were loading up the latest art-works in a lorry, out back of the museum). Quietly sneaking up on the snooping duo, the crooks clamped chloroform-soaked rags over the girls' faces, rendering them both unconscious in but a few seconds. When the girls awoke they found themselves strapped, face down, to a pair of old guillotines. Ropes were embedded in lit candles, which were nailed to nearby wooden tables. The other end of the ropes were attached to the guillotine blades. As the candles slowly burned down the duo, tightly secured and gagged, struggled in vain to get free. The evil curator came down there basement stairs to gloat over his doomed captives, one last time. "Farewell you meddling snoops! Sorry to 'cut' and run but I've got orders to fill! MUWAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!" With that retort, he left the girls to their fates...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Daphne Gets Gassed

Like a lot of "fan boys & girls", I've always had a fascination for Daphne Blake; usually in some kind of distress or peril. But then, I've always had a thing for red-heads, anyway, real or other-wise. I think it's ingrained into my psyche. This fascination has been around since 1969 or so. But then I was too young to understand much, being as I wasn't quite three years old. Egads! Here I am over forty years later and still fascinated by her. When I was a "pre-teen" I developed an alter-ego for her, "Super Damsel Daphne". The idea sprang from watching too many Saturday morning cartoons and Elektra Woman & Dyna Girl. I drew sketches, I wrote short stories and developed all kinds of perils and traps to put her through and in. Unfortunately, most of these stories and sketches have been lost over the years.

 It wasn't until around 1989 that I took to drawing Daphne again. This after I was released from active duty with the Navy. I also started writing new stories involving her and the whole Scooby-Doo gang; what's commonly referred to as "fan fiction". And there were some solo stories involving her alter-ego, "SDD" (for short). A lot of what I wrote and drew was on paper, as it still is to-day. But, even then, stuff gets lost when you move. Alas. Enter 2006 and me coming into the "computer age". Now I had the ability to scan in all those drawings (that I didn't lose), and edit all those stories. In 2007 I (originally) joined an art community known as DeviantART, which, these days, seems to be a dumping ground for vid-caps and hackers. I'm now on my fifth account there and it may be coming to an end. The site needs a definite "house-cleaning". But enough of that.

 I haven't been too active with this here blog due to "Real Life" issues and running four(4) other blogs. But with some major "life-changing" events about to take place, I'll be able to devote some extra time, once again, eventually. I can't say how often I'll be updating here but it should be more than I have done in the past. And, most of the early posts here, will/do feature older art and stories I previously featured over at DA. Like the three images below. The first one is an old pencil sketch and what DA would have me label as "mature" (not that it matters because I label everything "mature" anyway). This was the prototype drawing for others to follow. I have "mods" that I've drawn up over the years; makes for easier, quicker drawing. I also have a bad habit of "recycling" older works into something new. But then, so do a lot of artists. Mind you, this isn't any "copy-pasting" work (though I do dabble in that at times). The sketch below is from 2011 and you can see why it'd be labelled as "mature". The only thing I've done here is to add my newer logo.

I followed up this sketch with an actual, finished work a couple of months later. This one featured Daphne in her alter-ego costume. And before anyone asks me, the answer is "no", I never gave her any super-powers. In that respect, she's basically another form of Elektra Woman minus all those electronic doo-dads. And Super Damsel Daphne always manages to get saved in the proverbial "nick of time", as do all my other damsels.

 The next drawing is fully done. All inked and coloured. I use the three "P"'s; pencils, pens and paper and I highly doubt I'll ever shift over to drawing digitally. The editing is digitally done but that's about it. Here, Daphne appears in her "SDD" costume; not that it's helping her much, in this case, heh, heh. This is the second version of her costume. I've lost the original sketches but maybe someday I'll redraw them. This will give you an idea, though. I've used the same mod as above but added a lot more to it. I drew this one in 2011 as well.

The third drawing is also based on the mod above but a bit more familiar to most who've seen it (mainly on one of my, now defunct, DA accounts). The only real differences are that I hate drawing Daphne wearing her scarf so, no scarf and, her dress is a And I gave her thigh-high boots to match the rest of her outfit. Of course. So there you have it. Same mod for all three drawings but each different from the other. And all drawn by hand, no copy/paste B.S. I did this one up in 2012. It was formerly posted on DA.